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Reflex Racing Speed Dish Side Wall Plate Set (22.0,22.22.4,22.6)

Designed to make your life easier.  These plates lock into your favorite Reflex Racing Speed Dish wheels for an increased wheel lip diameter.  Having a larger diameter lip on the wheel leads to a smaller side wall aspect ratio on your tire, which very effectively reduces traction roll and steering response on your car.  


These plates are optimized to be used with "Low Profile" style front tires, which when mounted measure around 23.0mm on our wheels. The plate set comes with 4 different sizes:  22.0, 22.2, 22.4 and 22.6mm. 


How to use: 

1. Start with a 23.0mm Diameter Mounted front tire on a speed dish wheel.  (We recommend having glued the tire to the wheel, but you no longer have to add superglue to the sidewall.)

2. Install the 23.6mm plate by pressing the 4 prongs into 4 of the 8 slots on the wheel.  Make sure it seats all the way.

3. DRIVE!!! 


It will still take a few laps or maybe half a run to break in your tires, depending on whether you trued or not, but once they do, the car should drive with really good balance.  When you notice the steering start dropping off, or if you simply need more steering, go to the next smaller plate.  Rinse and repeat.

Reflex Racing Speed Dish Side Wall Plate Set (22.0,22.22.4,22.6)

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